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International Craft Beer Meeting

General information


We are happy to offer our visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about craft beer in the unique ambience of Schloss Maretsch .

Starter kit:

Admission with tasting glass and 6 tasting-coins = 20 €

You can buy more Chips (Jetons) at any time.

For tasting the chips can be redeemed at the individual exhibitors and their assortment tasted as desired. No tasting without your own beer glass.



It is IMPORTANT to show that the Beer Craft is an event of responsible connoisseurs, for whom a well-tended approach is self-evident.

Our mission is to bring the issue of beer to a new, mature level and raise awareness of the craft and diversity. In order to be able to dignify this culture, consumption with a head is required.

Therefore, we ask you to observe the following rules of conduct:

  • As already proven at similar events as practicable, we believe in the self-responsibility and independence of each individual. Therefore, the request on our part: enjoyment with responsible free spirit!
  • We ask our guests especially before the visit of our event enough to eat.
  • In order to best support your own body in the breakdown of alcohol and to compensate we forden our visitors enough breaks and an increased drinking non-alcoholic beverages, good primarily drinking water on. With PLOSE MINERALWATER we have found a partner who understandsand supports us in our vision . NB: The regular consumption of water invigorates the body to a great extent - by day and by night.
  • Our exhibitors have a double duty of care: both towards the common theme as well as towards the visitors of the festival. Visitors who give the impression of having "caught too much" are not served by our exhibitors.
  • Basically, the sense of family is naturally very important to us . Nevertheless, parents should decide appropriately on the visit of underage children; As already mentioned, no alcohol is served to minors . The responsibility in this senses carry the guardians .
  • In the interest of our exhibitors, in your interest and in our interest as event organizers, our employees as well as the staff of Schloss Maretsch are required to keep a close watch on the general well-being and safety of the event.
  • In the case of conspicuously inappropriate behavior, we and our employees are instructed to promptly leave the events.
  • If we are forced to expel persons from the event for the reasons stated above as well as other immoral conduct, neither re-entry nor refund of the tasting will be granted.

Adhering to these simple rules allows everyone involved a pleasant, informative and fun get-together. We look forward to enjoying it with you!